People rent homes for all sorts of reasons. Some need a place to live temporarily. Some don’t want to buy. Some can’t.
Whatever your reasons, I can help you find the property that meets your needs.

Let me take the headache out of searching through endless listings and connect you with one of our friendly real estate professional that specializes in the area of town and style of home you are looking for.

Save time and money...and let me start doing the searching for you.

Contact me now to get started.

Tim Sheaffer

Associate Broker
(520) 305-9005tim sheaffer

Some Facts:

⋅ M.A. Leadership | B.S. Psychology
⋅ Interviewed over 40 CEO's in 2011
⋅ Lives in Tucson, AZ
⋅ Licensed Real Estate Broker
⋅ Licensed REALTOR®
⋅ Married 19 years | 4 kids
⋅ Professional Negotiator